About Me

Mohamad Damush (Daamoush) is a business magnate, investor, and philanthropist.


Damush is a thought leader in the areas of entrepreneurship, telecommunication, and innovation. Today, he serves as Group CEO at Telcel Global, Executive Chairman of Erde Innovations, and Board director at NFS. He overcame career adversity at an early age by finding his own path and true passion. 

From a very early age, Damush expressed a keen interest in the innovation and technology field. During his 7th grade, he created his own lab in his parents’ garage, where he experimented with science and technology. He also created his own language, which was named ‘Santoury Tankery’. 

At 15, his life changed when he purchased his own first computer. He initiated his very first business in computer sales and maintenance in a small shop called ‘Santoury’. He borrowed 1200 USD from his elder cousin and brought his inner warrior to life. He dominated a decent market share, and then sold his three shops after high school. He used this capital to start an entertainment system business in Dubai. 

Subsequently, he attended selective courses in London, Dubai and Beirut, that advanced his career as a business entrepreneur. 

During his early life, Damush lived in Nairobi, Beirut, London, Paris, Dubai, Morocco, and Johannesburg. He spent it developing ideas for businesses in different industries, of which some succeeded, but also some failed. 

Damush’s source of ambition and inspiration came from the many books that he read as a kid, as he was born in a house where the library occupied the biggest space, with a collection of 7000 books. 

Damush is immensely interested in areas of philanthropy, specifically in the world of business education and healthcare. He has founded multiple foundations and is involved in numerous projects, whereby the primary objective is enhancing the quality of education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship consultancy, by using mobile and technology in many countries around the world, and especially in Africa. Damush also enjoys working with start-ups and young entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate their growth and streamline their operations. 

Presently, Damush enjoys growing his library, travelling, speaking at conferences, growing his present businesses, finding new innovative areas to invest in, building his chain of startup incubators, and improving the accessibility of quality healthcare, business consultancy and education worldwide.